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  Thank you for visiting Micro Bullies.  We appreciate your interest in our Bantam Bulldogges.

As one of the premier breeders of Bantam Bulldogges, Micro Bullies receives daily request for information concerning Bantam Bulldogges, our planned future breedings, Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogge puppy prices, our purchase terms, shipping cost, shipping arrangements, our Bantam Bulldogge puppy health and temperament guarantee, references, etc.

To assist those interested in Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogges, we have answered some of the questions the we receive most frequently.

 If your question isn’t among the ones listed here, we're happy to answer short questions through
e-mail or more detailed questions via a phone call (661) 203-5654.


    1)  What exactly is a Bantam Bulldogge?

    2 Where can I learn more about the Bantam Bulldogge breed? 

    3 How long has Micro Bullies been breeding and working with Bantam Bulldogges?

    4)  Where is Micro Bullies Bantam Bulldogges located?

    5)  Does Micro Bullies allow visitors to come and see puppies?

    6)  What is the price range of Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogge puppies?

    7)  Do you ship your Bantam Bulldogge puppies and what is the cost to ship a Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogge puppy?

    8)  Can Micro Bullies provide customer references?

    9)  What type of health and temperament guarantee does Micro Bullies provide for its Bantam Bulldogge puppies?

    10)  Do Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogge puppies come with their first vaccinations and wormings?

    11)  Do Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogges come with any type of registration papers and breeding rights?

    12)  What will be our next planned Bantam Bulldogge breeding and which pups will be available?

    13)  How do our customers select their new Micro Bullies Bantam Bulldogge puppy?   

    14)  What form of payments does Micro Bullies accept?

    15)  How do I place a deposit on a Micro Bullies' Bantam Bulldogge puppy?

    16)  Is it possible to cancel a deposit on a Bantam Bulldogge puppy once the puppy has been reserved?












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